Welcome to Morning Glory Majesty

” This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Psalm 118:24  (English Standard Version, the Holy Bible)

Hello and welcome to this website.

My name is Dave Pipitone.

I have been growing morning glory flowers in my yard for the past ten years.

I got the idea from reading an article that these flowers blossom in one day, opening their petals in the morning, and then dying by nightfall.

I was so intrigued by this process, I wanted to observe it firsthand.

So in May of that year, I went to the garden section of our local store (Home Depot) and bought three packets of morning glory seeds – in three different colors.

Blue. Pink. Purple.

I bought three six-foot-high wood trellises to support the vines that would come from planting the seeds.

I set up the trellises and planted the seeds in The Hope Patch in my backyard. (Make sure to read the Learning about The Hope Patch.)

I waited and waited for the sprouts to appear.

After a week or two, several small sprouts broke through the soil.

I was in business!

After a few more weeks, the sprouts grew into vines.

I trained those vines to grow along the trellises.

The vines grew and produced the famed heart-shaped leaves that typify many morning glory species.

Leaves and vines covered the trellises with thick growth.

Finally, in mid-August, the first buds appeared.

The buds grew into spiral-colored cones, which got larger and larger.

Then, the first Heavenly Blue flower appeared.

It was so beautiful.

By late afternoon, the petals curled up, and the flower closed up.

Its day in the sun – and life – were done.

The next day, more flowers opened.

Pink and blue.

They lasted only one day.

Then, as the weeks went on, the vines produced dozens of buds, spiral-colored cones, and flowers every day.

It was majestic to wake up and see these colorful flowers cover the trellises with their beauty.

The first hard frost killed the vines, and the season was over.

But there would be next year.

And the next.

This summer, the phrase, “morning glory majesty,” started to roll around in my head.

I woke up with this phrase. The phrase appeared in my thoughts at different times of the day.

Call the source of the phrase a muse or prompting or Spirit, I realized there must be something that needed to be explored and written down.

I received an invitation to attend Seth Godin’s Creative Workshop, which encouraged the workshop attendees to do their art (for me, writing) daily for 100 days straight.

So, I began to write reflections about morning glory majesty.

As the work progressed, the segments of a morning glory’s life flowed out with the learnings I had learned in life.

That is what I am sharing with you in the Morning Glory Majesty email series (and in the book, if you want to buy it when I publish it.)

Simple, natural wisdom for daily living.

We all share in the majesty of life – and we live one day at a time.

Take the next step.

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Thank you.

Dave Pipitone Streamwood, Illinois