Learning 01: What are Morning Glories?

Morning glories are dainty flowers which unfold, blossom, and die within one day.

At first light, morning glories unfurl to reveal vivid, colorful blooms of pink, blue, purple, or white.

At midmorning, the petals stand majestic – strong and proud – lifted high above the vine that feeds them.

At noon, those same petals start to curl forward, and by midafternoon, they fold inwards into a bent-forward posture of letting go. 

By evening, the dainty flowers shrivel of accelerated old age. They are ready to pass into never-ending sleep of the night.

And the next day, another flower or two appear to repeat the cycle anew.

Therein is the majesty, living one day fully. Secure at the beginning and letting go at the end.

Have you noticed that specific genuses of flowers get associated with different intangible attributes?

Love, joy, passion, loyalty, innocence, cheerfulness, and humility are just a few of the many meanings that flowers have earned.

Roses are associated with love and passion.

Daisies with innocence.

Gladiolus with strength of character.

Daffodils with chivalry.

Depending on the source, morning glories encompass a variety of meanings.

One website, flowermeaning.com, relates the morning glory flower to four different yet related meanings: unrequited love, mortality of life, love that is in vain, or restricted love.

The brevity of the flower’s one-day lifespan relates to the mortality and finiteness of life.

That is easily understood with a flower that blossoms at dawn and perishes by evening.

Apparently, the meaning of unrequited love appeared in Victorian literature and on etchings of the morning glory flower on Victorian gravestones.

In Christian circles, morning glories stand for the shortness of life. Since the flowers face and follow the sun, morning glories symbolize the Resurrection.

So, what is the ultimate meaning of these flowers?

There is no one meaning.

Different beliefs and interpretations of morning glories are like “facets” of a jewel.

When you turn a jewel to see the sparkling light reflected within, you find another point of view.

Time, culture, and communities define the facets of flowers, along with like any other aspect of nature.

I am using the term “majesty” to describe the life and times of morning glories.

Majesty implies something grand, impressive, stately, and beautiful.

God’s majesty is the highest form of majesty.

Scripture Passage:

“I will speak of the glorious honor of Your majesty, and of Your wondrous works.” Psalm 145:5 (American King James Bible)

A simple flower with a one-day lifecycle breathes majesty and then moves on.

So, too, does one generation of humanity, from the lens of a multigenerational perspective. Yet, we are made in God’s Divine image and likeness.

Learning: There is majesty in our single days and in the legacy of days we leave for others.

Reflection Questions

What is one majestic thing in your life right now?

Where can you experience a moment of majesty today?


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