What is a Learning?

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting this page.

I invite you to journey 31 days with me to discover the learnings that morning glory flowers – and life – can offer to us.

What will you get when you subscribe to the 31 Learnings?

First, you will receive an email every day for thirty one days, with a link to a Learning.

Each learning will contain these things:

  • a unique photo of morning glory flowers
  • little-known fact and perspective about the daily life of the flowers
  • a short reflection about daily human living that relates to the flower
  • a Scripture (Bible) verse,
  • the Learning, and
  • two reflection questions.

You could call it a “lesson,” since I’ll ask you two questions to think about on your own. However, there are no right or wrong answers, just your answers.

Then, on the next day, you will receive an email with a link to the next lesson.

After the 31 days are over, you can come back to this website at any time to revisit the learnings and review them.

Each learning contains a fact and perspective about the life morning glory flowers.

Then, the learning turns to human living and shares some insights about what we can learn from a morning glory flower’s daily life.

For the Learnings in the Morning Glory Majesty series, I have used included different translations of the Scripture (Bible) verses.

I pulled the quotes from BibleHub.com to give you a richer flavor of God’s words to us.

BibleHub.com is a significant website – I encourage you to visit it to gain a larger perspective about God’s Word.

Finally, the learning concludes with some “life work” – two reflection questions you can think about at your own time and pace.

I’ve arranged the learnings sequentially, in an order that reflects the growth and development of the flowers from seed to seed pod.

You may wish to read one learning a day, starting with Learning 1, which I recommend.

There are no right or wrong answers to the reflection questions.

In fact, you may come up with other questions that are more meaningful to your present journey in life.

Somewhere around Day 25 or so, I’ll check in and see if you would like to join another Learning series.

I’m not sure about the topic yet, but I’ll describe it to you when that time comes.

For right now, though, just check out Learning 1.

This is an example of what you’ll receive when you subscribe to the Morning Glory Majesty series.

Click here to review Learning 1:

Learning 1: What are Morning Glories?