What You Can Learn

Dear Visiting Friend,

Morning Glory Majesty.com offers you to opportunity to discover and participate in daily life journey of morning glory flowers.

It is also a site about the daily life of you. Your glory. Your majesty.

This site contains 31 learnings – reflections and questions about the daily life of morning glories.

There are enough learnings to read one a day for an entire month.

There is no charge to access these learning.

You can subscribe at no charge using the form on the Subscribe page. Click on the Subscribe link on the top menu. Then sign up.

Imagine these learnings as a buffet of food for thought.

Our thoughts control our feelings, our feelings influence our actions.

Our actions determine the direction and outcome of our lives.

My intention is to serve a dish at the buffet of your personal and spiritual growth.

Feel free to use this site as a resource of daily inspiration as you feel the need to.

Bookmark your favorite learning and read it over again as much as you would like.

Make sure to note the learning that challenges you the most, where you might feel some resistance to it.

Often, the learnings that we resist the hardest in life can become the very learnings we need to learn at that time.

Those learnings become a source of blessing for us and those we encounter.

Trust yourself and your journey.

Your majesty is just waiting to blossom today – and every day of your life.

Now, take the next step.

Click on the link below to learn, What is a Learning?

What is a Learning about Morning Glory Majesty?

Peace and goodwill,

Dave Pipitone